"There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do"  
--- Temple Grandin  
Every child is unique.  
We respect that everyone's way of learning and speed of learning is different.  

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Professional Therapists

我們確保所有行為治療師的專業能力達到美國 Behavior Analyst Certification Board 的要求。

All rounded development

According to your child's needs, an individualised learning program is offered to maximise their potential.

Applied Behavior Analysis

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艾藍是由經驗豐富,專業和熱誠的ABA治療師所創立,致力為孩子的生命帶來改變。我們的使命是宣揚ABA行為治療和其功效。我們確保所有行為治療師的專業能力達到美國Behavior Analyst Certification Board的要求。


Gigi Wong

  • 國際認證行為分析師(BCBA)
  • 英國倫敦大學心理學學士學位
  • 英國華威大學應用臨床心理學碩士
  • 12年以上應用行為分析經驗
  • 家居訓練、中心訓練、小組訓練支援
  • 幼稚園、國際學校、影子老師支援

Gigi 在倫敦大學學院完成心理學學士課程時,她對兒童發展已經特別有興趣。及後Gigi 在英國華威大學取得了應用臨床心理學的碩士學位。在英國這段時候,Gigi 在Primary Mental Health Team擔任實習臨床心理學家,主力研究早期干預和預防心理疾病,包括焦慮症,抑鬱症,和幫助有特殊需要的兒童,包括自閉症和過度活躍症。



Gigi 投身ABA後,親身感受行為治療感受帶給兒童的幫助。確立目標後,她累積了超過1500小時的監督實習,並完成了兩年BCBA認可課程獲取國際認證行為分析師資格。Gigi 服務過由18個月至16歲的孩子,她在提供1對1訓練和小組式訓練非常有經驗,幫助過有自閉症、學習遲緩、發展遲緩、言語遲緩、焦慮症、暴力傾向和社交情緒問題的兒童。同時曾在不同的場景下提供訓練,包括家居訓練、中心訓練、影子老師,以幫助孩子把技能應用到不同場景的生活,實現普及化教育。


Gigi 作為影子老師時,成功幫助大量學生慢慢逐漸淡出自己的支援,成功幫助學生融入主流學校,使她相當驕傲。她的熱誠來自於每一個學生細微的成長,和語言的進步。她的目標是以個人化的ABA 課程幫助更多的幼童。這份熱誠讓她決定去訓練更多年輕治療師、指導家長以ABA行為訓練幫助更多兒童。




You Ask - I Answer

  • How many lessons a week?

    Research recommendations suggest ABA therapy should be intensive (20 - 40 weekly hours), individualised and comprehensive to target a wide range of skills and therapy should be conducted in the form of one-to-one format before transitioning to groups or other natural settings (Maurice, Green & Foxx, 2001). However, with a child that attends school, or other training, it is understandably hard to achieve this. At ABLE, we are flexible to work around you and your child’s schedule to achieve significant outcomes from our ABA therapy.
  • Who is ABA therapy for? Do I need a diagnosis for ABA therapy?

    Using ABA therapy, we aim to work with children as young as 18 months to adolescents to teach functional life skills for engaging independently in activities of daily living. ABA therapy can work for ANYONE who’s willing to learn new skills. It is suitable for children who have (or suspected to have) behavioral, social-emotional issues, and/or with special learning needs: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anxiety disorder, Developmental Delay, Language delay etc. Children that come to ABLE do not need to have a diagnosis for training. We work with any individuals that want to acquire and maintaining skills, and improving behaviors. Primarily the focus will be to equip and improve children’s social, play, language, academic, self-management skills in a one therapist to one student ratio or in small groups.
  • When Should I Start ABA Therapy?

    Since signs for ASD or other problem behaviours come to light at around 18 months but assessments may not be done until at least 2-3 years old. It doesn't matter whether a child has a diagnosis or not but it is recommended to start ABA therapy as early as possible. It also means that the child has fewer opportunities and time for problematic behaviours to develop and they can learn the appropriate behaviours from the start.

    Vietze & Laz (2018) provided ABA therapy to 106 toddlers under 40 months, with an average child receiving a mean number of 290 hours of 1:1 instruction (approximately 1 year of therapy with 5 hours a week). When they reassessed their performance, they showed statistically significant improvements across all areas of functioning including IQ, communication, motor, socio-emotional, adaptive behaviours as well as a reduction in ASD symptoms and barriers to learning. Other studies have shown that children who received ABA therapy before 4 years of age make greater improvement compared with children older than 4 years that received ABA. (Lovaas & Smith, 1988; Turner & Stone, 2007).
Parenting Tips

Give child a high-five, they go far in life

Tolerance to surgical masks

Flu season is now at its peak and recent cases of coronavirus in Hong Kong are worrying. It is imperative that we wear a mask for protection. However many parents are troubled by their child's inappropriate use masks or refusal to wear masks. ABLE therapists would like to share some strategies in teaching personal hygiene and build tolerance in wearing masks.

Work O.T or on Saturday?Giving choices

I choose to work over time. Giving options for children to choose from motivates them to follow through with it. Even if both choices are horrible.

Share and Turn Take

“Sharing is caring” is something we would love to teach our young children. However, many children refuse to share, because children at young age are at the stage of learning how to satisfy their own need first. Then how can we teach them this concept? Instead of forcing their to give away what is supposed to be theirs, let’s teach them to take turns!

我們高度重視我們的員工; 它們是我們文化的重要組成部分。如果你是以幫助兒童為使命及願景,性格充滿樂趣愛心,重視團隊合作、學習多元化的ABA技能和尋求專業發展,艾藍邀請你一起成長!